Many thousands of people in Perth & Kinross could benefit from “starting the conversation” about Power of Attorney now with their loved-ones, to ensure their wishes are respected if they find they can no longer make welfare or financial decisions for themselves.

Perth & Kinross has a population of around 150,000 of which 23% of the total population are aged 65 and over. Over the next seven years the population of Perth & Kinross is expected to grow by 4.5%, well above the Scottish average of 3.3%. However the proportion of that population who are aged over 75 years is expected to grow by a further 33% (more than 5,900 people over 75) to nearly 22,000 people.

Making plans when you’re healthy means there is less to think about if you get sick. It is never too soon to think about what you would like to happen if you become ill, or if your illness gets worse. There are certain practical steps that everyone should take when thinking about planning for the future and arranging a Power of Attorney is one of these. Planning ahead in this way will make the financial, legal and practical consequences of illness for families much easier to deal with.

A Power of Attorney is a written, legal document giving someone else (your Attorney), authority to take actions or make decisions on behalf of you (the granter). You choose the person(s) you want to act as your Attorney and what powers you want the Attorney to have. A Power of Attorney is intended to ensure that your financial affairs and personal welfare can still be dealt with/protected in the event of you being unable to act on your own behalf due to illness of incapacity. Anyone over the age of 16 can grant a Power of Attorney, as accidents or illness can occur at any age.

Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership is committed to ensuring people receive person-centred care with an emphasis on prevention and anticipation. However, we know that we cannot do this on our own. The biggest difference in health and social care will come from the things that people can do for themselves by taking control of their own health and wellbeing. Thinking about your future and considering passing Power of Attorney to a loved-one or friend is an important part of people taking control.

Please visit for information about how to get started and what you need to do to grant Power of Attorney.